General terms and conditions of sale


The following general terms and conditions of sale govern all transactions established on the MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) web catalog. Any order placed on this site implies the customer's unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.

MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF ) (hereinafter referred to as MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl) markets MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) online products in Morocco and abroad.

MARRAKECH FINE FO OD Sarl has set up an electronic distance selling network (Internet) for some of its products in order to better meet its customers' expectations.

The list of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) products offered for distance selling in Morocco can be viewed on the website.

The system thus set up, which assumes an active approach on the part of the customer, complies in all respects with the requirements for distance selling and, in particular, with Articles L. 111-1, L.113-3 and L. 121-18 et seq. of the French Consumer Code.

It is specified that MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl does not carry out any telephone canvassing of its customers or prospects, and that consequently the provisions of the French Consumer Code applicable to door-to-door telephone canvassing, in particular articles L. 121-21 et seq. and L. 121-27 of the French Consumer Code, are inapplicable to transactions covered by the present general terms and conditions of sale.

Use of the distance selling process described in these general terms and conditions of sale is reserved solely for consumers, as defined by law and jurisprudence, acting exclusively on their own behalf.

Article 1: Scope of application

The present contract is a distance contract, the purpose of which is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the sale of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD sarl products on the Internet, via the e-commerce platform.

These general terms and conditions of sale are applicable to all sales of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl products concluded either via the Customer Relations Department set up by MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl, or via the merchant site accessible from the Moroccan version of the website, for delivery in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia...

1.1 - In the case of telephone sales, all sales of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl products via the Customer Relations Department set up by MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl are subject to the customer's acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.

1.2 - In the case of electronic sales (Internet), the customer declares that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions of sale before placing his/her order. Confirmation of the order therefore implies unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

In accordance with the provisions of article 1369-1 of the French Civil Code, these general terms and conditions of sale may be retained by any person visiting the website, by means of a computer record, and may also be reproduced by the customer, by means of a printout; these general terms and conditions of sale will be applicable for as long as they appear on the website. In the event that, after the date of their removal from the website, these general terms and conditions of sale remain accessible to the public via other websites or by any other means, they will no longer be enforceable against MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl.

Article 2: Identification of the offeror

Patente : 45103518 | RC : 97291 | IF : 37559367 | CNSS : 1555536 | ICE: 002294906000071

  • Tel: (+212)5242-00009
  • Website:
  • E-Mail:
  • Address: 114-116 ZI SIDI GHANEM - 40 000, Marrakech - Morocco.

Article 3: Information on items

Information relating to all MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl items likely to be sold through the MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl Customer Relations Department is available, with their references, on the website

This information complies with the requirements of the legal and regulatory texts in force and, in particular, articles L. 111-1 and L.113-3 of the French Consumer Code and the ministerial decree of December 3, 1987 relating to consumer information on prices.

Article 4 : Ordering items

4.1 Internet orders

Orders may also be placed via the Internet on the merchant site accessible from the Moroccan version of the website. The customer is responsible for all telecommunication costs incurred when accessing the Internet and using the website.

The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products offered for sale are indicative only and are not binding on MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl. Customers may obtain further information by contacting the MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) Customer Relations Department by telephone.

MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl cannot be held responsible in the event of an obvious error between the characteristics of the articles and their representation.

In order to purchase a product for the first time, the customer must open a customer account and complete an order form specifying certain mandatory fields so that his selection can be taken into account by MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl.

In the event of prolonged inactivity at the time of connection it is possible that the selection of the articles chosen before this inactivity is not any more guaranteed. The customer will be invited to resume his selection of products from the beginning.

All the stages necessary for the sale will be specified on the website in accordance with the provisions of article 1369-1 of the French Civil Code.

In application of the provisions of article 1369-2 of the French Civil Code, the customer will have the opportunity, before definitively validating his order, to check the details of his order and its total price, and to correct any errors, before confirming it to express his acceptance. Once the customer has validated his/her order, MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl will acknowledge receipt without delay and by electronic means.

However, the sale will not be considered final until MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl has sent the customer confirmation of the order, specifying that the items have been dispatched. Only items shipped will be debited with shipping costs.

4.2 Refusal of orders

In accordance with the provisions of article L.122 1 of the French Consumer Code, MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl is entitled to refuse any abnormal order or any order placed in bad faith.

In addition, MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl will be entitled to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order.

4.3 Order cancellation and modification

If the user wishes to postpone or cancel his delivery, he must contact MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) directly by e-mail at least 24 (twenty-four) hours before the planned dispatch of his order, Sundays not included.

In the event that postponement or cancellation is requested less than 48 (forty-eight) working hours before the scheduled time of dispatch, acceptance of such postponement or cancellation remains at the discretion of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF), which the User understands and accepts. Working hours are understood to mean normal opening days, excluding exceptional closures of the establishment, which the User understands and accepts.

Article 5 : Price of items

The price of items is understood to be all inclusive of VAT, plus delivery charges.

In accordance with the provisions of article L.121 19 of the French Consumer Code, the customer will receive written confirmation of the price paid for each item upon delivery, detailing the price of the items and the delivery charges payable by the customer.

Article 6 : Payment

When you place an order on our site, you can choose between two methods of payment.

6.1 Secure online payment

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard via our partner PAYZONE/CMI. To use this option, please select "Payment by credit card" when finalizing your order on our website. In order to prevent fraud, we can only dispatch your goods once we have received formal confirmation of payment by credit card from the interbank payment center (CMI).

6.2 Payment on delivery

If you prefer to pay on delivery, we also offer this option. Simply select "Payment on delivery" when you place your order online, and our delivery driver will deliver your parcel to the address you indicated at the time of purchase. To ensure that our delivery process runs smoothly, we confirm your order as soon as it is placed, to guarantee your commitment to your purchase. Payment on delivery will not be considered as binding until collection. Our delivery driver undertakes to hand over the product ordered as soon as he has received the full amount due. However, please note that online payments are preferred by our system, as they enable us to better plan our deliveries and reduce waiting times for our customers.

Article 7 : Delivery

A- Products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer on the order form. Shipping costs will be communicated after the order has been validated, according to the weight of the parcel and its destination.

B- The customer is responsible for verifying the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. The customer shall not be held responsible for any data entry errors and the consequences thereof in terms of delivery delays or errors. In this context, all costs incurred for the reshipment of the order will be entirely at the customer's expense.

C- MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery due to errors or disruptions attributable to the carriers (total or partial strike in particular of the postal services and means of transport and/or communications).the customer is required to check the condition of the packaging of the goods on delivery and to report any damage due to the carrier within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the package.

D- An e-mail is sent to the customer to inform him of the departure of his parcel.

E- In the event of a delay in delivery of more than three days in relation to the date we indicated in the dispatch e-mail, we suggest that you check with ARAMEX that the parcel is not pending (parcels that have not been delivered to the customer's home are available at the customer's post office for 15 days; after this period, they are returned), and then, if necessary, inform us of the delay by post or e-mail. We will then contact ARAMEX to start an investigation. An ARAMEX investigation may take up to 21 working days from the date it is opened. If the product is found during this period, it will be returned to you immediately. If, on the other hand, the product is not found at the end of the 21 working day investigation period, ARAMEX will consider the parcel as lost. It is only after this period that we can send you a replacement product. If the product(s) ordered are no longer available at that time, we will reimburse you for the amount of the products concerned by the carrier's loss.

Article 8: Satisfied or your money back - right of withdrawal and return of items

MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl intends that those of its customers who are not satisfied with the items ordered should be able to exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in article L. 121-1 of the French Consumer Code under the best possible conditions.

Accordingly, the customer may return delivered items within seven days of the delivery date, in their original packaging, complete (unopened and in the same condition as sent) and accompanied by a carefully completed returns form and a copy of the invoice, to the following address:
MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl, Service Relation Clientèle, 114-116 ZI SIDI GHANEM - 40 000 Marrakech - Maroc

It is the customer's responsibility to provide proof of this return, which implies that the items must be returned by registered mail, or by any other means giving a certain date, with the costs and risks of return being borne by the customer.
Items returned at the invoiced price will be reimbursed, depending on the method of payment for the items, by transfer to the customer's bank account, within thirty days of receipt of the returned items by MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl.

Items returned incomplete, damaged, deteriorated or soiled by the customer will not be reimbursed.

Article 9 : Exchange

For reasons of hygiene and safety, perishable food products cannot be returned. They cannot be returned if they have been opened or if they show obvious signs of damage caused by the customer.

However, here are some general points that may be relevant in the event that a return is considered:

  • If an error is made during delivery, for example the number of products ordered does not correspond to the number received, the buyer must contact the MFF sales advisor at within 48 hours to inform them of the error as soon as possible. Early notification is important to enable MFF to take prompt corrective action. If the error is indeed made, the customer has the option of replacing the product with another of the same value, and MFF will cover the return shipping costs.
  • If the packaging received is damaged or broken during delivery. The Buyer then has 24 hours to provide proof of the defect, such as photos of the faulty packaging, to the sales advisor at, to support his or her claim. The sales advisor may carry out an evaluation of the product to verify the validity of the customer's claim and determine responsibility for the error. The cost of returning the goods remains the responsibility of the Customer.

In both cases, the Purchaser has a period of 3 days (72 hours) to return the goods to the following address: Marrakech Fine Food 114-116 Quartier Industriel Sidi Ghanem Route De Safi - Marrakech, the complete, unused product(s) in its (their) original, undamaged packaging, together with the return slip and invoice.

  • Wait for MFF to receive the returned product and carry out the necessary checks.
  • Once the exchange has been approved, you will receive the new product
  • If the products are not returned within the specified time, the order is deemed final and no exchange will be possible.

Article 10: Conformity - Warranty

The customer must ensure that the items delivered correspond to the order. In the event that the items delivered do not comply with the order, the customer must inform the MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl Customer Relations Department by telephone and return the items in question.

Article 11 : Intellectual property rights

The MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF ) brand, as well as all figurative or non-figurative brands and more generally all other brands, illustrations, images and logos appearing on MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) articles, their accessories or their packaging, whether registered or not, are and will remain the exclusive property of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl.

Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these trademarks, illustrations, images and logos, for any reason and on any medium whatsoever, without the express prior consent of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl, is strictly prohibited. The same applies to any combination or conjunction with any other trademark, symbol, logotype or, more generally, any distinctive sign intended to form a composite logo. The same applies to all copyrights, designs and patents which are the property of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD Sarl.

Article 12: Proof of transactions paid by credit card

The data recorded by the CMI on the Multi-channel payment platform on behalf of MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF) constitute proof of all commercial transactions between you and MARRAKECH FINE FOOD (MFF).

Article 13: Disputes - Applicable law

Any dispute arising from the performance and/or interpretation of this contract shall be brought before the Commercial Court of Marrakech.